What Am I All About?


Hey there!!

This is my website and I’m glad you’re on it! I post on here regularly about what goes on in my life, projects I’m working on, and for school.

This is also a platform to allow people to see what I’m all about. I am an actor, writer, and filmmaker. I am currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University and am constantly honing my crafts. I absolutely believe that entertainment is necessary to the health of society and I am just as capable in front of the audience as I am behind it.

I have experience writing scripts, short stories, academic papers, and poetry. I have acted on stage and in front of the camera. I am an excellent public speaker. I can operate cameras to film and shoot still photography. I am also very adept at editing videos for any purpose.

I hope that I can help you in any way I can, or even give you guys a glimpse into who I am!

Your obedient servant,

J. Fiene



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