Television in my Life: The Penultimate Part

Darren McGavin was one of those guys who was in a little bit of everything. He was a character actor through and through and definitely someone who you knew without knowing his name. He is most famous for his role as the Old Man in A Christmas Story, but I always knew him first as Carl Kolchak. Kolchak: The Night Stalker was a spin-off of two very successful television movies produced by Dan Curtis, the same man behind Dark Shadows. They were about a reporter who knew that the supernatural was a very present and real threat and fought the establishment to keep innocent people safe. After getting kicked out of Las Vegas and Seattle, Carl Kolchak eventually found his was to Chicago, where the series takes place. 018-kolchak-the-night-stalker-theredlist

It only lasted for a season, so it is another show that never got the acclaim it deserved. It did get an ongoing comic book though and, as I’ve discussed before, the fan base is a very welcoming and dedicated. There isn’t much to say about this show other than it did inspire another show that put the truth out there and was a mega hit. That’s right, Mulder and Scully wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for Carl Kolchak.

I’m more a fan of Darren McGavin than I am David Duchovny, so that’s why this article isn’t about The X-Files. I just prefer reporters in the seventies I guess.



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