What Do I Consider New Media?

Media has been and always will be, simply put. When we want to learn about experiences that we’ve never had, we turn to a form of media. Want to know how the Election of 1800 went down? You read a book or search an article. Want to learn about the initial southern reaction to Rosa Parks? Sit down and get yourself some microfiche. Want to figure what the Hell microfiche is? etc etc

My unnecessarily elongated point is, I don’t think there’s really any new media. I think what defines media in this day and age is our ability to access an unprecedented amount in seconds. Of course, the internet is considered by many people to be the latest advent of media, but it isn’t new. Social media has been around for over a decade, it isn’t new.

I believe that the next change in accessibility will be the defining change. I am an amatuer when it comes to anything academic or scientific about the subject,but I like to think I’ve read enough speculative fiction to be wary of the technological uprising. THE SINGULARITY WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL. got a good enough head on my shoulders to make an educated guess. With the lightning pace of advancements in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality, we will no longer have to experience things secondhand. (I tried for half an hour to work in a Max Headroom joke, but I just c-c-c-couldn’t swing it.) I think all sorts of events, major to mundane, will be recorded in such a manner that one could just pop on a pair of FUTURE GOGGLES* and suddenly be transported to a Broadway performance of the Amélie/ Beetlejuice/ Groundhog Day musical adaptation. They could be present at the inauguration of the 50th President of the United States or spend the afternoon resting on the shores of Tripoli,  I believe it will advance to a level where we can even recreate past events and people to interact with.

That’s what I think New Media is. Not what we have, but what we are on the cusp of creating. Or the iCloud, that’s probably the right answer.

*Patent Pending


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