Twitter Me vs. Facebook Me vs. Tumblr Me vs. Instagram Me

Am I four different people online?

No. Yes? Yes. No. Let me explain.

On Facebook, I have my mother and brother and grandma and teachers. Now, some of my teachers have seen me as I am (so has my family, but I’ll explain that in a second) and follow me on Twitter as well. I rarely use expletives or innuendo on Facebook. My personal opinions are relegated to pop culture, but nothing beyond that. Facebook Me is a fairly family friendly version of myself that isn’t very scandalous.

Twitter Me, however, is a little less PC. I am freer (that is a HARD word to believe exists) with my language. My expletives aren’t incredibly prevalent, but they are there. I retweet certain public opinions, but I rarely write my own. I do make exceptions though. For example, my Twitter bio has been “Love is love.” for awhile and it will likely stay that way. I tailor who I follow and what I see, but I like to think that I still don’t narrow down who I follow and create an echo chamber.

Tumblr Me is less seen and less talkative. I will reblog anything I agree with politically and socially with little regard to who sees it. Opinions on how the government is run, respect for history and our military, the evils of sexism and racism and homophobia and transphobia and islamophobia and xenophobia and etc., and a variety of other topics. Tumblr Me is much like my real life. If I am prompted to discuss, I will. If my thoughts and beliefs are asked for, I won’t dance around them. Communicating a message changes depending on the audience, but how I say it doesn’t change what it means. Tumblr Me is the most outspoken of the four.

Instagram Me is the favorite. Instagram Me is a photo and a caption. Very simple. Very happy. Very powerful. I can use Instagram to share my interests and appreciation for anything. A friend helped me out? Let me take a picture with you. It’s the 150th birthday of a person I look up to? Allow this photo and caption to display, with brevity, how they’ve impacted me.

My social media presence encapsulates my personality in different aspects. Someone who doesn’t see me in person could get a strong grasp of how I feel and what I’m doing by following me on any three of these platforms,  but someone who wants an inside look into how I express my range of emotion. My anger, sadness, joy, confusion and fear have all been represented online.

Maybe WordPress will become the place where all four coalesce. Who knows?

Here’s a picture of Magilla Gorilla.magillagorilla


One comment

  1. Brooks · September 30, 2016

    I understand what you are saying. Facebook identifies you primarily by name, so anyone who knows you connects you with your comments. You communicate on Facebook more like you would face-to-face — very polite and politically correct. Twitter and Tumblr account names are more vague, so you feel more confident expressing yourself without fear of others tracing the comments back to you.


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