Social Voyeurism

How do I feel about people using my online accounts to stalk me and get an idea of where I am in life?

It is weird to me. I feel that they are reaching out for me to communicate with them without giving any indicator for me to do so. In some way, I feel that I am not getting the whole idea of myself across to people who don’t ask for the full picture. Misinterpretations are made and trouble ensues.

I have gotten in scuffles over misunderstood posts, tweets, and messages more time than I care to admit. It seems that all of these could be avoided if one party asks for clarification. You’ve got to visualize what you may sound like when you confront another person and how they will respond.

If you see a Snapchat story, twitter storm, Facebook post, or photo on Instagram without the context in the original “post”er’s life, and proceed to react as if you are privy to any sort of part of their life just because you saw a social media post, then you will be met with pushback. The pushback can result in a fight that could have been wholly avoided.

The basic point I am trying to get across is to take time processing the information you get with social media instead of consuming everything at once and creating conclusions based on what you saw. Think before you act and treat others with respect.


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