Morning Person: A Journey

I suck at waking up. I’m always groggy and lethargic if I didn’t get enough sleep or if I got too much sleep. I’m not sure what time needs to be my specific bedtime, but I know that, if I get that down, I can stick with my preferred wake up time: 5 AM.

Why 5 Am? Well, let me tell you assumed question asker. It is productivity. I can work out, make breakfast, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and read at a leisurely pace. The rush of waking up 45 minutes before work is non-existent. The rush I put myself through when I don’t get the amount of sleep I need is definitely damaging.

Y’see, person not reading this, there is definite truth to the classic maxim of “if you start your day off right, you can get through it easier,” and, considering my last month of Hell, I need all the help I can get.

My alarm goes off at 5. I’m woken up by “Hurricane” from Hamilton. (My favorite song from the show and one of my favorite songs ever) Unfortunately, I’ve trained myself to turn it off as soon as I hear it. I know that I need to set my phone away from my bed so I’m forced to get up to turn it off, but I always check my phone right before I nod off into a melatonin induced slumber. I am fully aware that this keeps my brain active and doesn’t help proper resting, but, especially when I am up late doing something that can be done the next day, it is a force of habit.

These blog posts are for my benefit. Sometimes putting things to words helps me initiate the drive in me to do the best I can to fulfill my self-improvement. I want to become a morning person. I want to be as aware and cheery during the start of my day as I am in the middle of the day. I want to start off right, because there have been too many opportunities missed and sicknesses caused by waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

It is most certainly a journey, along with everything else in life, and I have to keep walking forward. One step, no matter how small, at a time.

Here’s a picture of a sleepy kitty.cute-sleepy-kitty-cat-cats-kitten-kitty-pic-picture-funny-lolcat-cute-fun-lovely-photo-images


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