Harold Pinter 

Tomorrow is Harold Pinter’s birthday.
This is not a post about Harold Pinter.
Instead, it is a post about a small and dedicated group of talents that I had the distinct pleasure of helping last night. After a very nice party, around 10, a group of my friends came together to memorize five two-minute scenes. These were to be performed in honor of Harold Pinter’s birthday.

I had no stake in this project. In fact, I was ill because of what I think may be a new lactose intolerance. It was late and I had a headache. Fortunately, my love for my friends and interest in theatre made these inconveniences invisible until the last moments of the night.

I do not want this post to come off as my strengths, but the strengths of my friends. Their stalwart dedication and talent affirmed my belief in them. Last night, I enhanced my love because of them.

To many more nights of this.


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