Resurrecting the Dead

I have many projects that require a great deal of collaboration. Most of these projects have died, so what do I do with them?

This specific blog will not provide an answer to my problem, but I will outline what happens.

You see, I have an ambitious idea for Hamilton. I have tributes I want to create for Kill ShakespeareWait Until Dark, and other things I care desperately about. Unfortunately, I have neither main resource for these projects to come to fruition. Money and time. I have been blessed with an abundance of people who want to collaborate with me, but I seem to have an issue bringing everyone together.

I know that if it is my project, I need to take charge of it, but I have yet to figure out the trick of the trade to be a good leader. I don’t know how to resurrect these projects on my own. I don’t want everything I create to be a process of me bringing work to a group of people, them making their adjustments, and me taking it back. I want my projects to have multiple hands from the start.

The illusion of the self-made man is nearly broken for me. It takes help, love, kindness, and collaboration from many people. Including you.

We can do this together. To quote something very dear to me, “You teach me, and I’ll teach you.”


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