Harold Pinter 

Tomorrow is Harold Pinter’s birthday.
This is not a post about Harold Pinter.
Instead, it is a post about a small and dedicated group of talents that I had the distinct pleasure of helping last night. After a very nice party, around 10, a group of my friends came together to memorize five two-minute scenes. These were to be performed in honor of Harold Pinter’s birthday.

I had no stake in this project. In fact, I was ill because of what I think may be a new lactose intolerance. It was late and I had a headache. Fortunately, my love for my friends and interest in theatre made these inconveniences invisible until the last moments of the night.

I do not want this post to come off as my strengths, but the strengths of my friends. Their stalwart dedication and talent affirmed my belief in them. Last night, I enhanced my love because of them.

To many more nights of this.


College Story Time #1

Last night I went out with my friend Brian to get some of my favorite things ever, Taco Bell hard shell tacos.

It was late, or early depending of your frame of reference, and the line was long. I let my thoughts drift to other things. Brian asked me what I wanted to order, since he drove, and I told him a regular Taco 12 Pack, might as well share what I love. So, we pull up to the speaker.

Speaker Voice #1: “Welcome to Taco Bell, may I please take your order.”

Brian: “Yeah, I’d like a Taco 12 Pack, please.”

Speaker Voice #1: “Okay th-”

Speaker Voice #2: “OH MY GOD!”

Speaker Voice #1: “That’ll be (insert arbitrary dollar amount here). Please pull to the first window.”

Brian and I begin to discuss what could have happened to cause such an outburst. I jokingly suggest that they ran out of tacos. We get to the window and here the cashier say, “I don’t want to tell him, you tell him.” So a guy leans out the window.

They had run out of tacos.

Beef anyway. Immediately I think, well I wouldn’t mind a substitute. Chicken or steak would do. Before I can even get the words out of my mouth I here him say, “And I know this sounds fuckin’ crazy, but we’ve run out of chicken and steak too. There are five tacos left, just give us a minute and you can have them for free.”

The window closes and Brian and I are flabbergasted. Suddenly, what I can only assume is a discontented customer, whips around us and crosses the street quickly to the McDonald’s drive thru. I get my tacos and get back to Brian’s place.

They were delicious.