My First Faux-Radio Podcast!!!

100.7 The Bond

Hope you guys give this a good listen!


EMC 2410 10/15/2015

Wowsers, my first WordPress blog post. I can say that this is quite different from my usual Tumblr set up. Well, my assignment was to write about “J & K in the Morning” and so I will. They all seemed like good hosts, but 5 people talking at the same time for an entirety of a Podcast can be tiresome to listen to. All of their topics were relevant to me in some way, but the order they were presented in made it hard to remember what was discussed. Also, because there were more than 2-3 hosts, I couldn’t discern which person said what. If I disagreed, I couldn’t tell you who I was disagreeing with. They get points in my book for keeping the conversation interesting and being able to move from one topic to another, I just wish it wasn’t as cluttered as it ended up being.